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If you want me to write a little on english there, let me know.


talk that talk

Wazzap! Sorry for not blogging, but I'm thinking about changing blog. Yeah yeah I know I change alot now a days but that's just because I don't know what I want etc haha. But now I think I do: I'd like to share more of my daily life and about training! Cause that's what I do most of my sparetime, and I think it would be fun to blog about. As you might been noticing, I don't photograph outfits often anymore, and that's mostly because I don't have time, and I feel like "nah, there's no point in blogging now...".

So basically, I'd like to go back to be a "normal blogger", with updates everyday about outfits, training, daily life etc. On SWEDISH though!!! I don't think you are so many non-swedes reading anyway, right? And if you do, I guess you are most interest in my outfits right? And I'll keep update my lookbook with little text there so... how does that sound?

New blog, on swedish, back to blogg.se?
Give me your opinion!



I miss so much of being a "normal blogger". To blog about what ever, when ever... on swedish.


Pink sky.

lisalohan@instagram, iphone pics

Last night around 4 a.m. I don't think I've ever seen something so beautiful. Magical.


My week.

Long time no see fellas! Time to update etc. I've been busybusy with life since last time we saw each other, and this week I haven't had a free moment at all. But it's been really fun! So I was thinking I'm gonna go through my week with some instagram-photos. And as you might not now I've had exchange students here last week, that's why I've been so busy. So, here we go! 

Saturday. Dyed my hair and cleaned my room.

Sunday. Ready to hit the airport to pick the dutch people up, later we all went to the lake to barbecue and just chill.

Some cute friends and me. Monday. Ready for another day!

This is how we roll in school..... and a cute garden.

Ice cream! Beach12 etc etc. Tuesday. Outside Gröna Lund, just visited Wasa museum and was on our way back to the Old city. 

Seals at Skansen. How cute??? Wednesday evening we all where at a friends house to barbecue again and just hang out. Look at that view!

At thursday we all where in school all day and then later we went home to dress us up etc, later we had a good-bye-party. Which was really fun.

Friday. I didn't sleep at all that night and here I was on my way to school, and I just got home... Later we said good-bye to the dutch people and some of us went to a friends house to relax by the pool.

Then we made some food. I went home quite early since I hadn't slept, the next day my bus station looked like this.

Sweden and Loreen won Eurovision Song Contest (listen to the song here) and yesterday I hanged with some friends by the pool. We've been so so lucky with the weather this week and everything's been really great!

If any of the dutch people read this: thanks for this awesome time together! 

Today though, I went home from school since I almost passed out and got a huge stomach pain. So I've been sleeping all day. Don't know what happend but maybe I've been to stressed now or something, since I'm not really used to be going this much as I've been this week. I haven't even told you half so.. haha I've been doing ALOT of stuff.

But now I'm fine!
Peace, xo



//Videoblog for my swedish readers, since I speak swedish in it....//

(men jaaaa palla att ljudet är helt före osv -.-)

Tänkte att de va längesen jag gjorde videoblogg (på gamla bloggen sist). Gillar ju att prata med mig själv (heheh psyko) så tyckte det var dags nu. Ni får ursäkta mina fräsha mjukisar och min sjukt fina hållning när jag är uppe och vandrar där, wtf hände liksom?!?!? Jaja, gillar ni videoblogg? Har en till på lager....

//Sorry all non-sweds, I'm just talking about my day, my hair, and how much it sucks being 17 in Sweden.//


Foxy spike.

Look. at. my. awesome. shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH BITCHES!!!!!!! They are not Jeffrey Campbells, but really great copies, as you can tell. How the quality are is another story, maybe the heel will fall off or something... we'll see. I love them anyway. Anyhow, they're from Oasap.com and cost me like 570 SEK. Which makes it more awesome.

Oh, and thanks for sharing some stories in the post below!


We're to young to be this sad.

You know in movies when they always say "I wish my life was just for once like in the movies?". I hate that line. Like stfu, now your life is gonna be like in those movies because this is a fu*king movie!!! 

So a couple of times I've asked my self: why can't my life be, just for once, like in the movies? And I think I know why now; I'm such a mediocre, normal, quite boring girl with just an ordinary life. Nothing special happened to me, I have no stories to tell and I am nothing special to be honest. (don't really like to confess that...)

I know I'm still young, and I still have alot of things to experience. And I shouldn't say this untill I'm so old I can't even walk. But still, I want something to be just like in the movies! They are always 16, 17, 18 or what ever when something happens to them. When that special boy who all the girls want only want you, etc etc etc. You all know what I mean.


Sometimes I hate life.

And this is so me.

If you have a story to tell, anything, please share it with me! 


Saturday, 5th may.

It's a little hard to catch my hair color on picture. But it's more red than orange now. I like it very much and so do other people, at least it seems like it, since I got a lot of compliments haha!

Today I've started Level 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout. I don't do it everyday though, I've cheated alot but whatever. I really recomend the workout though, you only do 20 minutes a day! And if you don't want to do it everyday then don't, you'll see result anyway, atleast I (kind of) do. Then I watched Kick-Ass (great movie!) and then I went out for a short jog. So I'm really tired now and tonight I'm gonna sit home, watch Seven Pounds and eat the candy you see on the picture!