Music is the heart's way of expressing.

Today I feel like sharing some of my - atm - favorite songs with you guys, hope you enjoy it!

(+) This one is originally made by Coldplay but I like this version better. This song kind of makes me wanna ride a dolphin in the middle of the desert - as someone on youtube described it so well.

(+) Some deep shit going on here. And Bruno Mars voice is so damn sexy!

(+) Rihannas voice is so good here. Love everything about this song.

(+) This is originally made by Lana Del Ray, but I find this cover 1000 times better!!!!! Well ok, I don't even like it when Lana sings it... haha.

(+) Oh just beautiful, beautiful.

(+) Don't even ask my why I like this one, I just do. I put it on in school last week and a friend of mine was all like "The whitest girl in school likes THIS...." HAHA! 

(+) Dirty dirty dirty, but good as hell.

(+) The totally amazingly talented Swede, Loreen. Love love love love <333

Got yourself a favorite? Or a song you wanna share with me? 

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