That old man really inspired me.

I love it when you see inspiring people, especially in your hometown, by someone unexpected. Last week I saw a quite old man, who looked like Morgan Freeman. What caught my eye was first the way he was walking (haha he had a really nice walk somehow), but then I saw his clothes. I noticed his long light-brown coat and he had a cap like this one on. He looked so damn stylish! I was like wtf old man, where did you come from?!?!? I hope I'll see him again, and if I do, I'm totally gonna take a picture of him. Anyhow, I realized I want a long coat too, and then I remembered: I have one!

jacket_H&M jeans_diy boots_dinsko jersey_cubus necklace_romwe 

So this is my coat. I bought it at H&M when I was in 6th grade, which was 5-6 years ago. I can't even believe it fits me, even thought it didn't for like a half year ago. Really weird, since I haven't become any smaller or anything. However, I really like it now!


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