WAZZAAAAP!!!!! Friday today aaaaand I got a looong weekend! Not going to school untill wednesday (!!). I'm gonna study on these days off though, work out and all that shiet, but what ever, just not having school ROCKS.

I got a question for you. As you might know, or not know, I workout alot and are very up and down about what I can eat and not eat. One day I'm all like 'never gonna eat unhealthy if I want a fit body' etc and the next day I'm like 'what ever give me that piece of candy!' And today I'm like the latter. I really really really want CHIPS today. Could kill for it.... almost. So have you heard of cheating days? Anyone who is into this eating-healthy-workout and know if a 'cheatday' is no worries?

Enjoy your friday and don't end up like me who doesn't know if she can eat chips or not.................

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