She's prettier than I'll ever be, got yourself a beauty queen.

jacket_cubus shorts_new yorker necklace_thailand/H&M shoes_eurosko bag_diy sunglasses_indiska glove_gift 

(From this weekend.)

I had my longest jog ever today! 7 km, 45 minutes. I'm aiming for 10 km under one hour so I got a bit to work on! Haha. But I mean, 7 km is like reeeeeaaally good to be me, the girl who wanna stop after 3 meters. But when you get in to it it's really nice actually.

I've got a new hair color btw, if you follow my instagram (lisalohan) you've already seen it but if you don't: stay tuned! 

And the weather, do I hear the summer coming? Oooh yes I think so!

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